YMCA Youth Soccer game


YMCA Youth Soccer game

Sara and I had a fun time taking some photos for a local YMCA soccer game.

Some more will be up later!





From the Land of A Thousand Lakes

Hello again!

I’m posting to give a shout that I’ve set up a page for photographs from Finland! And since I’m going to be here for a few weeks, that should be a steadily growing project of mine. Go check it out under the “Outside of Austin” tab at the menu!

Meanwhile, thank you for any ongoing and new-found supporters of this website, it’s greatly appreciated. Spread us around, and take some photographs while you’re at it! We’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in the idea of the site.


Georgia and other Things

Hello, all!

Just wanted to give a quick update that I’ve returned from my trip to Savannah, and am in the process of uploading the photos from that area. Lovely place, hope you enjoy!

Also, I’m going to be packing for Europe over the next few days! YAY! Really excited to share with you all what’s over there. It’ll be a blast, I’ll keep you posted!


Some big things going on!

We would like to thank everyone for their most gracious support!


Today is our fifth day since we first made this page and we have received almost FIVE HUNDRED views from 18 countries!

We’ve got some big ideas for the near and far future and we can’t wait to share them with all of you! Many of you have been personally contacted by us and we thank you for listening!

We are now accepted photos from anyone who would like to! the email is:


Pretty soon, once we get more members to join we will open up a new website and will start gathering money to give to charity! Each photographer shall receive a contract which they will agree to, which gives them up to 25% of their photos revenues, and charity 51%, while we will need the rest to run advertisements, create a website, and keep it up and running!

A photographer can ask us to send their 25% to charity as well! And if this is done we shall send some of our as well making it possible for 80% of all revenues to go to charity!


Legal matters are being worked out as we speak and we can’t wait to start!


Also: The charities will be for the fine arts


Messing with the light a bit as we visit some century-old structures in central Texas.

Tree in the field


Tree in the field

My favourite tree in the world